Dipping Sauce

Dipping Sauces for Rice Paper Rolls

The Simplest Dipping Fish Sauce For Rice Paper Rolls

This post shows the simplest dipping fish sauce for rice paper rolls. It reflects one of the authentic recipes of Vietnamese people in the Central Vietnam provinces. It's very simple, only fish sauce and fresh-cut chilli.

The Simplest Hoisin Sauce For Rice Paper Rolls

This post shows the simplest dipping Hoisin sauce for rice paper rolls. While the sauce is direct from a bottle, it reflects the main flavour of the dipping sauce. It is as popular as the tomato sauce or barbeque sauce in Western food.

Dipping Sauce Soy Sauce for Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper roll often goes with dipping sauce. This rice paper rolls soy dipping sauce is for vegetarian or vegan recipes. The sauce was sponsored as a part of Tofu rice paper rolls recipe by chef Trung.

How To Make Dipping Fish Sauce For Rice Paper Roll-Nuoc Mam Cham

Making dipping sauce for Vietnamese rice paper rolls is an art. It's the balance of colors and flavors for its own & for the main dish. This fish sauce recipe - Nuoc Mam Cham - has a sweet flavor from a Vietnam's Mekong Delta river's province.

Dipping Sauce Peanut Butter Rice Paper Rolls Hoisin Sauce Recipe

One Saturday afternoon, Tam phoned me "Hung, please pass by my home, taste some rolls and bring a box for your wife and your kids". This Peanut-butter Hoisin sauce was sponsored from Tam's Kitchen in her authentic rice paper roll recipe.