One of the most popular main ingredients is seafood. This section shows rice paper rolls made with seafood.

Popiah rice paper rolls -Bo Bia- with Peanut Butter Hoisin Sauce

Mini Popiah rice paper rolls (Bo Bia) are very popular in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh city. It is the most popular street food version of the rice paper rolls, loved by school-age students after school hour.

CoronaEx rice paper roll snack
Corona-Ex Mini Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with Simple Hoisin Sauce

Corona Ex Prawn Mini Rice Paper Roll snack recipe, a recipe of 2020, is ideal for a Friday snack or a weekend relax time. It's a Zero-cooking recipe. You just buy fresh ingredients from the supermarket, cutting them and enjoy yummy rolls.

CoronaEx rice paper roll snack
Prawn Rice Paper Rolls - Goi Cuon Tom- with Southern Fish Sauce

A colleague in my previous company asked me about the most popular rice paper roll recipe. I replied within a second: it's definitely a prawn roll. Later the logo reflects the ingredients in this well-known crunchy and delighted roll.

CoronaEx rice paper roll snack
Smoked Salmon Rice Paper Rolls with Southern Fish Sauce

A classmate from Swinburne asked me to introduce a yummy & authentic food in her project Tasty Path. This recipe was designed to showcase one of the best seafood in Australia: smoked salmon. The delegates were from around the world.