A single tool kit with its own function and purpose - rice paper water bowl OR rice paper tray - in making rice paper rolls.

Rice Paper Water Bowl- White Plastic
Brand New

The white-plastic rice paper water bowl is specially designed for making rice paper rolls - Goi Cuon. It helps you dip rice paper into the water faster and easier in the vertical direction.

This rice paper water bowl is for rice paper size 22cm. 

This is the product of Vietnam. The product is Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean, and Trade Quality.

• MAKE RICE PAPER ROLL QUICKER & EASIER: Getting the rice paper wrapper from the rice paper pocket, vertically dipping it into the water pocket, and rotating it one round. It is easier and quicker than you can imagine. NO WORRIES of the too-soft wrapper, or too sunk wrapper, or too long time in the water for the wrapper.

• STABLE BASE FOR TWO SIZE OF RICE PAPER WRAPPERS: with engineering and structural consideration, the base is designed to bring the best stability for this tool when it is full of water. The tool is suitable for rounded Rice Paper wrapper 22cm (diameter) or 16cm (diameter).

• STYLISH DESIGN: The designer who loves Rice Paper Roll so much did put all artistic curved lines into this product. From the body to the water pocket, rice paper wrapper pocket to the base, all of them are in an elegant and soft curved line. You put it on the dining table, and your friend will say “Wow, looks COOL”. The tool holds rice paper wrappers in the rice paper pocket, and water in the water pocket, so that it saves much space for your dining table for Rice Paper Roll meal.

• PERFECT FOR YOUR FAMILY ROLLING FUN: The tool is designed to support family gatherings. Your family will be full of laugh and happiness with this tool (and rice paper roll tray) to enjoy rice paper rolls at the lunch or dining table, or just simply rolls for a morning snack or an afternoon snack. It is easy to clean with your hand or by dishwasher (light mode).

• SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: For your usage at home or for your friend as a gift, you will love it or your money back. 30 day returns policy.

*Product specifications:

Packaging: 27cm x 28cm x 8cm.

Net weight: 0.5kg.


• BPA free, 100% safe food (non-toxic plastic, no Bisphenol A, no Phthalates) - tested at Quatest 3 (Vietnam)

• Made in Vietnam by Vinh Truong plastic.

• Name: Rice Paper Water Bowl BT18 (To Nhung Banh Trang)

• Material: PP.

• Size: 24.3cm x 14.3cm  x 6.3cm


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56-pack rice paper trays
R22 6-pack Rice Paper Trays To Make Rice Paper Rolls
Brand New

The tool R22 6-pack Rice Paper Tray helps the wet rice paper dry and soften properly. It's specially designed with many slotted for rice paper roll making. View 1-minute How Toolkit Works video. You will see no messy and much easier to create your own rice paper rolls with this tool.

With this single tool, you are able to enjoy making and eating fresh rice paper rolls without any boundary. Learning to use it is just a matter of seconds and minutes.

The rice paper mats are used with standard rice paper size 22cm.

This is the product of Vietnam, manufactured by Vinh Truong plastic.

Material: PP

Size of each tray: 24.5cm x 24.5cm x 3cm

This single tool is one of the two items in an R22 Family-pack Rice Paper Roll Maker set. To totally enjoy making and eating rice paper rolls, you will need the second item in the set, the Clear Rice Paper Water Bowl or White-plastic Water Bowl. This set together with the rice paper water bowl makes a full set for your family.

Please see the video page for how fast and easy to make the rice paper rolls with this toolkit. Or you can access to our YouTube Rolling Fun channel for series of videos to make and master the Vietnamese Cusine Rice Paper Rolls.

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