Cooking books about Vietnamese food and making rice paper rolls (and Vietnamese spring rolls).

Authentic Vietnamese Wraps and Rolls Book by Bui Thi Suong
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One of the best books about Rice Paper Rolls from the well-known author Bui Thi Suong.
Book name: Authentic Vietnamese Wraps and Rolls
Author: Bui Thi Suong
Translated by Nathan Cohey and Lan Huong
ISBN 978-604-56-1978-0
Number of pages: 88
Number of Rice Paper Roll recipes: 30 recipes along the Vietnam country: Northern, Central and Southern provinces.

Mrs. Bui Thi Suong:
-Lecturer, chair of Department of Culinary Arts at Saigon tourist Hotel and Toursim School, 2001-2008.
-Co-founder of Saigon Professional Chef's Association
-Presented Vietnamese cuisine in Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, China, USA...
-And many other titles and awards from hospitality and tourism sector.

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